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Mission Statement


The mission of Kingswood Pre K-8, a premier school of academic excellence, science, and technology, is to engage all students in a dynamic education and inspire them to become 21st century learners and successful members of our society through innovative, student-focused instruction in a safe, collaborative, and caring environment in partnership with our families and diverse community.

We work to achieve this mission through a focused, well balanced educational approach to learning. Our entire community is committed to lifelong learning.  We use frequent ongoing formative assessments and end of unit summative assessments to guide students’ progress and monitor the instructional program.  

We ensure an orderly atmosphere that is conducive to learning in every classroom.  All members of the school community are treated with respect.  We encourage our parents to be involved with the school and their child’s educational experience.


  • All students will develop and apply 21stcentury skills integrated through problem solving, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, scientific inquiry, and the application of technology.
  • All students will develop and consistently demonstrate character traits necessary to become contributing, responsible, and caring members of our diverse community.



Strategic Plan Tactics

Tactic 1

We will ensure students receive rigorous, effective, balanced, and differentiated instruction resulting in increased student achievement and goal attainment

  • In all classrooms assessment is an on-going diagnostic activity that guides instruction. Learning tasks are planned and adjusted based on assessment data.
  • In all classrooms teachers and students collaborate in setting class and individual learning goals.
  • In all classrooms students are working in blends of whole group and small group configurations, as well as independently. Groups are flexible and fluid.
  • All teachers will use a variety of strategies to achieve balanced instruction to help all students meet standards.

Tactic 2

We will expand and strengthen the integration of science, technology, and 21st Century skills throughout our curriculum.

  • Expand and enrich science curriculum and instruction.
  • Implement grade level standards for all students in the area of technology.
  • Determine and provide professional development for selected technology tools and how to integrate those tools into instructional practice.
  • Define and identify 21st century learning skills to implement and support at Kingswood.

Tactic 3

We will integrate character education and service learning throughout our curriculum to help our students become contributing, responsible, and caring members of our diverse community.

  • Integrate character education throughout curriculum in our diverse school community.
  • Create and implement a service learning project for each grade level based on their character education lessons.
  • Support character education with positive behavior support systems that address the needs of individual students.

Tactic 4

We will actively increase the engagement of families and community members as a valued partner in our students’ education.

  • Expand opportunities to work directly with all students and their families though the use of community outreach centers.
  • Develop partnerships with our local community, including merchants, seniors, and civic personnel to support students’ education.
  • Actively promote PTA involvement and foster support for family and school events.

Tactic 5

We will effectively communicate to the community the varied aspects of Kingswood and its innovative, student-focused programs

  • Sustain the Home Visit program to promote our school programs and communicate with our families.
  • Create opportunities for our parent groups to communicate to our stakeholders.
  • Expand and strengthen our communication with our community through the use of current and relevant methods.
  • Upgrade our physical communication features to effectively promote our school to the community.